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There can be very few gadgets better suited to playing online casino games while on the move than Apple's iPad. With its razor sharp display, touch screen interface and lightening-fast processor the iPad has revolutionized online gaming, so perhaps it's a little surprising that there aren't more US facing casinos which have jumped on the iPad bandwagon.

Currently US citizens looking to play casino games on their iPad have very little choice - in fact, at the moment, Slotland is currently the only mobile casino available to them.

Best iPad Casinos for US Players

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Why can’t iPad owners use Flash casinos?

Flash is one of the web’s most interactive technologies – it allows developers to stream films and produce some excellent multimedia from a very small file. Because of this, it’s become hugely popular over the last 10 years and has played a large part in making the internet the engrossing product that it is today.

Because of it’s power, Flash has also become hugely popular with online casinos as it allows good looking games to download instantly in a player’s browser. The fact that it’s a third party technology also gets around any compatability issues that have arisen fom Mac users and generally opens up the market to users of all machines and software.

Unfortunately though, Steve Jobs has taken a disliking to Flash and in an open letter to Adobe (the organisation who have developed Flash) he has decided not to integrate Flash support on to Apple’s latest portable products.

The reasons are many, but in short, when it comes to devices such as the iPad and iPhone, Jobs believes that Flash drains battery power too quickly, isn’t reliable and has a number of performance and and security problems which mean that it’s not conducive with touch screen devices.

In addition, Jobs claims that web standards should be open – rather than based on proprietary systems and as such he has decided to build his products around open web standards such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

So what does this mean for iPad users

Apple’s decision to ignore Flash in favour of HTML5 has obviously provided online casino operators with a bit of a problem. They can no longer rely on their Flash products to attract the large number of iPad owners who are undertsandably keen to take advantage of the products portablity and play casino games while they’re on the move.

To get around this issue, online casinos have started to develop individual apps which will run from your iPad’s desktop just like any other application you may download. However, these apps are obviously not cheap to develop, which is the main reason that only a handful of casinos are currently available to iPad owners.

This is likely to change in the future though as the iPad market is just too large to ignore. Therefore, we’d suggest that you keep coming back to check this page as we will continue to update it with the best iPad casino apps available.

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