Best Online Baccarat

Name US Game Bonus Review Visit
Bodog Casino us Online Baccarat 10%
Cherry Red Casino us Online Baccarat $777
Rushmore Casino us Online Baccarat $888

Over the last few years, the popularity of Baccarat has really grown to such a point now that its many people’s game of choice. Due to this surge in gameplay, we thought it was about time we went out and tested the various Baccarat tables out there to decide which casino really did offer the best online Baccarat game around. Our findings are listed below:

Best Online Baccarat Casino

Bodog Casino

  • Professional, sharp looking graphics
  • US Friendly Casino
  • Minimum Baccarat bet of $1
  • Friendly casino support will raise maximum bet past $250 upon request
  • Sharp focus on the game with three betting options: Tie Bet, Player Bet or Banker Bet

Number 2 Baccarat Casino

Cherry Red Casino

  • Sharp vector graphics in a stunning 1920′s theme
  • $1 minimum bet
  • $250 maximum bet with higher stakes available upon request
  • 5% house edge on player and banker bets (as you would find in Vegas)
  • $888 welcome bonus for new players

Number 3 Baccarat Casino

Rushmore Casino

  • Highly respected casino with great history
  • $1 minimum bet
  • $250 maximum bet with higher stakes available upon request
  • 5% house edge on player and banker bets (as you would find in Vegas)

Explaining the rankings

With Baccarat enjoying such a sharp rise in popularity recently, it was important for us to come up with some strict criteria to judge the best casino for online Baccarat. Those criteria were as follows.

Fair House Edge for players

There is always going to be a house edge in Baccarat, it’s how the casinos make their money after all. However, it was important for us that this house edge wasn’t excessive. All of the casinos listed above use a house edge of 5% in their Baccarat games. This is the same level as you would find in any brick and mortar casino in Vegas and is therefore fair.

High Limits

Bacarrat has traditionally been a game for high rollers, so it was important to find casinos that allowed their players to wager high stakes. As standard, the three casinos listed here will allow players to bet up to $250 on every hand while regular players will be able to raise that stake higher to allow them to wager up to $5,000 upon request.

Reliable software

If you’re going to be playing for high stakes, it becomes imperative that you end up playing on software you can trust. The casinos on this page run on some of the most reliable software out there. All three casinos update their software on regular basis meaning that they all run without any glitches or freezes. As an added bonus, each piece of software also uses stunning vector graphics making the Baccarat tables a pleasure to play at.

More Baccarat information

Baccarat’s a great game that pitches a player head to head with the casino. For more information on the game, have a read through of the Baccarat rules, which will get you up to speed in no time.

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